POSITIVE NEWS: Giving to People Who Give

I love making prank videos but every once in a while I really enjoy making a feel good video. What better way to give back than giving to people who give? I really think the whole concept is genius and completely original. Everyone on Youtube has been making videos about giving to the homeless (Including myself) so I thought i’d step outside the box and give to the people who are doing the giving. I thank all my subscribers for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy the video. #DawsKingdom Let’s all give the video a like a the very least, share on social media if you’re a true solider. Let’s make a difference. I encourage you all to go make a difference in someone’s day. Peace & love – Big Daws

‘Any Palestinian is exposed to monitoring by the Israeli Big Brother’



I enlisted in the Intelligence Corps with a clear understanding that regarding anything that involves the Palestinian arena, I will engage in self-defence. Throughout my service in my unit I did and encountered things that seemed irrelevant from a security standpoint, and I did not have a clear conscience participating in such activities. Contrary to my expectations, our database included not only security-related intelligence but also personal and political information. That is to say, on a personal level, there is no respect for Palestinian privacy.

Ted Cruz booed off stage while defending Israel



Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) abruptly walked off stage at an event organized by a pro-Christian organization in Washington, D.C., Wednesday night after the crowd turned on him for vociferously defending Israel.

We Are Change Interviews Foster and Kimberly Gamble

YouTube Preview Image

Foster and Kimberly Gamble – creators of Thrive – sit down with Bruce Baumann of We Are Change Colorado, before Free & Equal’s United We Stand Festival May 10th to discuss the content of Thrive and other topics ranging from the power of love, transcending politics, overcoming fear and taking action.  Foster Gamble says he sometimes finds himself asking “What Would Luke (Rudkowski) Do?!”

Kimberly Gamble describes their world-famous documentary Thrive (released 11-11-11) as a preview of their bigger vision, which is the Thrive Movement Solutions Hub – a place to network with local people involved in over 1000+ groups of people worldwide.

For more information on the November 22nd event mentioned, click here.  The new name of the event is “One The Event: Love. Rhythm. Action.” set for 11/22 & 23 at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO.  http://www.onetheevent.com/

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Unlawful Arrest Outside GMA Leadership Forum

YouTube Preview Image

Now that both Colorado and Oregon have GMO labeling questions on their November ballots, one might wonder what Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) are doing to stop that?

On August 22-24, the GMA hosted their inaugural “GMA Leadership Forum” at the luxurious Broadmoor Hotel ($455 min/night) in Colorado Springs.  After reading through the 20-page attendee list, you might describe their meeting as a ‘food-Bilderberg group.’  The list includes 100s of executives from numerous billion-dollar corporations including Monsanto, Google, Walmart, Dupont, Pepsi, Coke, NASCAR, Kroger, GE, Kraft, Conagra, The Carlyle Group, Cargill, Hershey’s, Mars, General Mills, Kellogg, Unilever, Annie’s, Peapod, Nielson, WhiteWave and many more.

Once We Are Change Colorado found out about the GMA Leadership Forum, we planned a last minute demonstration called the “Broadmoor Bee Die-In” for August 24th, the day Monsanto would be inside presenting.

Once I arrived on scene, I decided to get some breakfast at the Natural Epicurean (of course it’s organic for Monsanto execs) and while walking through the Broadmoor courtyard, a security guard (Randy) who had been trailing me asked me to leave.  I immediately complied and I filmed the entire way out.  I even filmed the encounter with Wayne Hoskins, the Broadmoor’s security director who called the cops on me for supposedly trespassing.

Broadmoor Bee Die-In

The Broadmoor Bee Die-In Demonstration outside the GMA Leadership Forum at the Broadmoor Hotel on August 24, 2014.

By the time Colorado Springs Police arrived, I had put my bee costume on and that’s when arresting officer Sgt. Jerry Steckler began shaking me down for trespassing.  Steckler’s only evidence was the testimony by the Broadmoor security director, who said I failed to leave the property when I was told to do so.  Although I tried to explain, Sgt. Steckler told me to save it for court and arrested me.  Originally we had planned to ‘die’ out front of the Broadmoor to bring awareness to the dying honey bee population, but instead the cops arrested/assaulted a bee, which was even more unforgettable.

Bee arrested outside GMA Leadership Forum

The Broadmoor’s security director Wayne Hoskins ordered CSPD Sgt. Jerry Steckler to arrest Bruce “Bee” Baumann for trespassing.

Wayne Hoskins’ claim that I failed to comply with the order to leave was completely fabricated, in what seems to be a conspiracy to shut down the First Amendment demonstration going on outside the GMA Leadership Forum.

"This guy's going to get sued!"  Once the trespass charge is dimissed that is.

“This guy’s going to get sued!” but first the trespass charge must be dismissed.

The most baffling part of this whole day was after I was released by Police, I noticed the video of me complying with the security’s order to leave was now only 1.2 seconds long.  I thought to myself, did this cop tamper with evidence or had I possibly screwed up?

After investigating further, I found multiple videos that show Sgt. Steckler fiddling around with the video camera that was filming on the hood of the cop car.  Those videos will be kept private until a forensics expert can confirm whether the video was altered or not.

The trespassing court case is set for November 17, 2014 at 8am at the El Paso Combined Court in Colorado Springs.

Without question, the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association Leadership Forum was nothing more than a ritzy multi-million dollar fundraiser for the companies who need to secretly lobby against this year’s GMO labeling campaigns.  Millions were spent to stop the labeling campaigns in California and Washington; will 2014 be different or will the GMA succeed in using their millions to use propaganda to manipulate the people once again?

This time around, the Grocery Manufacturers Association is still facing a pending money laundering lawsuit for illegally concealing their campaign financiers in Washington – whom most of which were present at their huge fundraiser in Colorado Springs.  The money laundering lawsuit, filed by Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson, claims the GMA disguised a way for companies to oppose GMO labeling without having to declare their donations publicly.  Lingering headlines about the GMA lawsuit in Washington can’t bode well for their cause in 2014 and it’s very important we shine light on the GMA’s inaugural invitation-only gathering of multinationals profiting off genetically modified organisms.

Thus far, the biggest enemy of GMO labeling in Colorado is the “Coalition Against Misleading Labeling Initiative” which was incorporated with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office on January 28, 2014, but still has no website or Facebook.  Keep your eye on them; they are the lobbyist group the media uses to source opposition to GMO labeling.

The GMO tipping point Jeffrey Smith and others have been building finally seems to be underway.  Vermont had a landmark victory for GMO labels, two Oregon counties outright banned GMOs and surveys continually estimate 75%-93% of Americans support putting mandatory labels on genetically modified organisms in food.

64 other countries already have mandatory GMO labeling laws, will Colorado and Oregon propel America to become number 65?

It all depends on what happens over these next two months.

Stay tuned, the GMO fight is going to get nasty!


Bruce Baumann – Bruce@WeAreChangeColorado.org

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Plastic Lawyer Candidate destined to be historic protest song

Check out this great review by Larry Sinclair

"Plastic Lawyer Candidate" by Cahill vs. Kalma

Recently I had the privilege of seeing and talking with Dave Cahill and Dave asked if I would listen to and write a review of his latest single Plastic Lawyer Candidate. For those who are not familiar with Dave allow me to introduce him to you.

IMG_0007_2I first met Dave on the 4th of July 2012 in Kintnersville, PA after watching him perform in some of the most grueling heat and sun which was hitting him directly. I teased him about how the sun reflecting off of his red sunglasses as he performed looked like the devil himself. What I nor anyone else realized at the time was that Dave was close to falling out in heat stroke, but like the trooper and consummate professional he is, he finished the show.

Dave is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, political activist, web developer & small business owner. He has composed & produced 6 albums of original music and has performed a thousand live shows across the country as a solo artist and with one of his bands.

When I decided to listen to Plastic Lawyer Candidate and write a review I wanted to get an idea of what other songwriters/performers had done in the way of “War & President protest songs. I was surprised to discover that while there is a large number of them, some of them if you didn’t know the history behind them would not seem like protest songs at all. Take for example Marvin Gaye’s Whats going on how many of us really understood that to be a protest song about the Police brutality that was taking place during student protests of the Vietnam war?

Plastic Lawyer Candidate released July 3, 2014 by recording artist Dave Cahill is sure to be considered one of the great Protest Songs of this era historically.

The world today is far different now when it comes to how we communicate with each other and how information is shared. Gone like 78 and 45 vinyl records; 8 track and cassette tapes; are the day when we waited for a music group to record and release a single or album months later or for the nightly news to air a story telling us we just dropped a bomb on Japan. Today artists’ record and release music in a single day almost instantaneously making it available to the whole world to hear. When you stop and think about some of the protest music in American history you might wonder, as I do, whether the effect would have somehow been different had the war protest songs of Marvin Gaye; Curtis Mayfield; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; The Wailers w/Bob Marley; the Sex Pistols; John Lennon and The Clash been in the hands of the population on iPods, smart phones and tablets.

While those listed above are considered to have the Top 10 war protest songs, some of the Top 10 protest songs about the President include: Tom Paxton’s “Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation”; Phil Ochs “Here’s to the State of Richard Nixon”; 2Pac & The Outlawz “Letter to the President” cited as “no holds barred anger directed at President Bill Clinton on his ineffectiveness in addressing the plight of the black community”; Pink’s “Dear Mr. President”; Pink; and Bright Eyes “When the President Talks to God.” While researching Presidential protest songs it seems George W. Bush has the most protest songs written about him. President Obama has been lucky compared to other Presidents as until now there is only one song released that is a direct protest of Obama and that is Rebel Diaz’ “Revolution Has Come.”

Cahill in Plastic Lawyer Candidate points out how Barack Obama promised the world only to give us something completely different.

Plastic lawyer candidate, he promised change, he promised to bring the troops home. But, after the election, he rejected any questions, that progressives had request, I suspected nothing less from him.

Cahill reminds us that this Plastic Lawyer Candidate, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize not only has not ended the wars, but has through the use of predator drones authorized the killing of hundreds/thousands of innocent people, including children by way of bombing homes and villages in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Egypt and elsewhere.

Imagine for a second that your children never get to live a long, happy life? Well, what the fuck would you do, if a missile crashed straight down into, the house that you call your home, and took your family from you?

The single Plastic Lawyer Candidate has a techno funk feel to its beat. Cahill’s use of radio and broadcast sounds of being unplugged in the background reminds us that in this age of technology we really do need to pull the plug to regain perspective.

Cahill reminds us that we have a President and a government that not only lies and misrepresents the facts, but one that has under the current administration gone to the extreme of spying on us, the citizens.

How many get the feeling, that you’re being watched right now? Bionic eyes…Governments watch us from their satellites.

While Plastic Lawyer Candidate is clearly a protest song about Barack Obama, Cahill points out that it’s time we stop listening to all the politicians, it’s time that we as a nation, as a free people vote every politician in office today out.

You and I…Will not obey, we will not comply. But now…we’ve pulled the plug We’re never gonna listen…to the politicians… It’s time to throw them out…all of them…all of them… Life, you only get one chance, so make the most of it. This is life, not your life…this is life…it’s just life.

The music is such that you want to move with it while the lyrics when you listen to them, project a slide show of images in your mind of drone strikes, teleprompter speeches, and NSA surveillance details being reported that makes you want to unplug everything.

Cahill has joined the ranks of Gaye, Mayfield, Lennon, Marley, Pink et al in protest songs.

Review by Larry Sinclair / LarrySinclair.com

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