Fort Lauderdale Slapped With Lawsuit For Repeatedly Arresting Man Who Feeds Homeless People


Article by Jackson Marciana

Counter Current News

After Episcopal minister Mark Sims was charged several times for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale, local, prominent attorneys have decided to fight back on his behalf by suing the city.

Sims is one of the first to be charged with feeding the homeless under the new city law that prohibits such charitable deeds, unless at specific, government designated facilities. Feeding the homeless in public is now completely illegal under the city ordinances. But local attorneys Bill Scherer and Bruce Rogow say that this law is completely illegal and unconstitutional.

Columnists in the Wall Street Journal and TIME are publishing anti-Net Neutrality op-eds without disclosing that they’re taking money from ISP’s

By Kevin Collier / superimposed over hand writing

Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet—especially when it comes to op-eds decrying the value of net neutrality.

Time and the Wall Street Journal both published opinion stories this week from people who oppose strong net neutrality protections—without disclosing that each of them did or do receive money from Internet service providers.

This appears to be glaring evidence of corporate astroturfing—the idea that Internet providers are secretly filtering their opinions to the public, a practice ISPs have been repeatedly accused of.  (more…)

The IRS Has Been Holding This Guy’s $447,000 For 2 Years, And He’s Never Been Charged With A Crime

By Erin Fuchs / http://www.hillsdale.netJeff Hirsch

More than two years ago, the IRS used a controversial policy known as civil forfeiture to empty the bank account of a small business owned by three Long Island brothers.The brothers, Jeff, Mitch, and Rich Hirsch, haven’t even been charged with a crime.

But the IRS is holding their $446,651 hostage while they struggle to run their convenience-store distribution business without that cash.”We’re very angry about this,” Jeff, 55, said recently over the phone. “I think it’s wrong, especially when you do nothing wrong, and you can prove you’ve done nothing wrong, and they still have your money.”The process of civil forfeiture allows the government — often police, but in this case, the IRS — to seize money thought to have been obtained illegally. (more…)

Minimum Wage Workers Earn Less Money Than Welfare Recipients

Minimum Wage Earnings

On the other hand, this last August, Fox News reported close to 110 million Americans are receiving government assistance, including Medicaid, subsidized housing, food stamps, and welfare. In fact, 83 million people collected Medicaid and 51.5 million people collected and used food stamps.

Michael Tanner, from the Cato Institute, reported to Fox News that in some states welfare recipients receive benefits that are equivalent to a $20 an hour salary, whereas most states pay a minimum wage of $7.25.

Tanner explained the following to Fox News.

“So in many cases people could actually do better on welfare than they could in an entry level job.” (more…)

85 richest now have as much money as poorest 3.5B

Allison Jackson, GlobalPostGTY 456327328 A DES HTH USA DC

“There’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won.”

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett made that remark more than three years ago and it still holds true today — only the gap between the richest and the poorest has gotten even wider.

Here’s how bad it is: Oxfam now calculates that the 85 richest billionaires on the planet, including the likes of Carlos Slim, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, have as much money as the 3.5 billion poorest people. (more…)

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