Protesters Clash with Police During Wall Street March, Violence & Arrests @ #occupywallstreet

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  1. “police brutality”? is that screamer for real? I didn’t see any beat down.

  2. I’m getting sick of these protesters.

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    Rich Wheatley

    Since when is it allowed to ride a bike over someone. I thought that a pedestrain had right of way over a vehical on the road?

    Some of those cops look like they’d been abusing steroids lol

  4. the private owned fed had a great system print as much money as they wanted and tax the peopple on trillions of det. Why would the change the gravey chain because of greed they wanted to desroy america the fed went to fast now the people are awake to the scam. These protest will get larger police officers will join millitery solger alreaded have and will grow fast why have they said returning vet are homegrown terist. many are willing to die for there oath of service. not the private fed or banks. I dont want to see these protest get vilant but what happens when u have free speach zones and no protest areas. THIS IS THE END OF THE 100 YEAR CONTOL OF THE FED. Are goverment is changing what type of goverment do you want I WANT A FREE COUNTRY AND SOUND MONEY LIKE WHAT WE HAD BEFORE 1912

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