WeAreChange and Immortal Technique on #ows, Obama, 2012 election, Ron Paul, Immigration, Bloomberg

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  1. OK, here’s another idiot who is calling our country a Democracy. Will you dumbasses please get educated if you are going to run your mouth. The United States is a Republic. Good Gosh, there is a difference, go find out what it is. Go sit back down on your sofa and watch tv.

  2. It’s all about THE BANK. Politicians are THE GREAT & POWERFUL OZ. THE BANK is THE MAN BEHIND THE CERTAIN. Politicians are put into office by THE BANK, for THE BANK. Politicians are salesmen / saleswomen. THE BANK is the dealership. Politicians are groomed lawyers who protect THE BANK Check out; http://www.truththeory.org Also; THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT, &

    Soldier on!!

  3. Go easy on this young man Lynn..He has been brainwashed by ‘the system’ ..His heart is in the right place..He just needs a bit more info about the fact that were a Republic..and those who have taken over our nation from within…are trying to turn it into a Democracy….They put millions on the gov dole..which makes a Democracy work very well for the bad guys…This is why the founding fathers set America up AS A REPUBLIC…

    Abortion..leads to the destruction of family….marriage..He doenst understand this yet..>ITs quite obvious hes been brainwashed by ‘The System’

    Homosexual marriage? read some history..It doesnt seem to work very well in societies..

    The young man heart is good..He has passion…and with the correct information..and wisdom..I think he will be just fine…At least hes out there and trying…Its just unfortunate his mind has been filled with destructive ideals…But hes also spot on on some other things he spoke of..I knew when ISREAL FIRSTER Palin and Beck got in the Tea Party..it had been taken over by those who are here to destroy us…Those who protect those bankSters…

    The pendulum is swinging…where will it stop? We are MASSIVE in numbers…Liberals and Conservatives…Libertarians….Dems and Reps..are uniting today…to fight for our freedom..and thats a very good thing!! HIGH FIVE!!

  4. Immortal Technique is great and is a good artist and really agree with him on some points and disagree on others. But I when they were talking about RON PAUL, i think Technique/Ron Paul/Luke/Occupy Wallstreet would agree that we need to end these illegal WARS! I say we end the wars and we can debate other issues later, 1 million dead in Iraq alone? Enough is enough, God Bless Everyone

  5. Immortal Technique is a good artist who essentially wants what we all do. Its the same with the tea party and the OWS people, we all want change in government. My issue with both the tea party and the OWS is this-none of them want true independence, as in idependence of the mind. These people are letting mass movements do their thinking for them and seldom picking up a book unless it is endorsed by their “Party”. As far as Therese is concerned, who are you to tell anyone weather or not they can have an abortion? Who are you to tell two consenting adults what to do in thier own house? What gives you the right over these peoples rights to make those choices on thier own? Your moral stance is very very flawed. If you spent half as much time concerning yourself your own independent endevours as you did abortion and gays, you could probably be either making a difference on a larger scale; or at least have a moral conscience that wasnt depraved into thinking you need to change a person who is perfectly happy on their own with out your medaling. A right is the sanction of independent action. A right is that which can be exercised without anyone’s permission.

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