#OccupyWallStreet Co-opting Close Call

Why everyone needs to get involved @ #OccupyWallStreet


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  • James

    Big rebuilding projects means that the money is going back to pockets of the 1%.

  • Brandy

    Screw that i don’t want free anything from the government! Get them out of my health, get them out of my food, get them out of our schools. I don’t want their pharmaceuticals that keep me sick. Stop fucking with our farmers so they can give us organic food at reasonable price. Personally i think we wouldn’t need to go to the doctor as much if they feed us real food. Legalize Marijuana it helps people who are dying and in pain and would create more jobs in many different areas! Stop effecting the way our teachers teach our kids (no child left behind) our state taxes should go to funding our teachers not the federal government. Stop giving the richer school districts more money and the poorer districts less. Each kid should equally be funded. Schools need to stop spending all this money on technology that teaches our kids instead of the teacher. There are Some people that NEED disability but i think there are a lot of people on disability that can still work but just don’t want too make them work behind a desk for the well fare dept’s! They have the technology to reduce our dependency on oil so stop lying! Let these car co. come out with our alternative fuel and electric cars and don’t charge the buyer sales tax for them or for solar pannels in their home. Stop printing money to fund these wars and then taxing us we didn’t decide to print the money! If you get a loan to go to school you should pay them back! I have no problem paying my student loan back. I have been unemployed since 05 and i rather stay that way then work in a government job. Politicians should not be paid as much as they are and should not be paid entitlements! Bigger company’s should either A. Pay more taxes or they should take what they would be paying in taxes and take that amount of money and create moderate paying positions creating as many jobs possible. The rich same thing create jobs or pay more taxes. I am pro choice but damn i don’t want to pay taxes so some can get a cheaper abortion, you fucked up you deal with it! Take the morning after pill if you don’t wear a condom or don’t take birth control they have a shot for that or just give blow jobs instead i mean come on! I as a person acting as one should be able to go out into the world and provide a service ex: house keeper, mechanic, artist and not be taxed on either my talent or service but i understand taxing a business i think business owners should take leadership to a new level and support their community. I don’t believe that religious institutions should get tax payers money. I agree with them not having to pay a property tax but the church goers should pay for the church expenses! We should be taking care of each other better screw the machine! I would also put in there to allow same sex marriages the only reason why they wont let them get married is because they don’t want to give them a tax break! That’s not fair! as for the people who don’t believe in gay marriage don’t marry someone of the same sex let them be happy damn! And Why do i have to pay the state to validate my marriage or pay the state if i want to add on to my house? And i would like to drink raw milk damn it! lol (i know that has nothing to do with anything just my own selfish agenda i wanted to add in there!) Thank you! I know very little about our government this is just some of the stuff that bothers me personally. So what lisum is that? Hey weren’t they handing out money to wall street people? Sounds like some of the sheep are getting paid to be a part of the flock.

  • kev

    Its already democratic luke where 51% of the people rule over 49% of the people. It needs to be more like the constitutional Republic that Americas founders created.

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