Kirk Cameron, Joe The Plumber, Stephen Baldwin @ CPAC 2012

Anthony Antonello and Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange run into Kirk Cameron at CPAC and ask him what he knows about the National Defense Authorization Act signed by Obama on New Years Eve 2011.

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Anthony Antonello YouTube Channel:

Luke Rudkowski interviews Samuel Wurzelbacher, more commonly known as “Joe the Plumber” at CPAC 2012. Topics include auditing The Federal Reserve, Gold & Silver, The National Defense Authorization Act and more.

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Luke Rudkowski with Stephen Baldwin at CPAC 2012. Luke asks Baldwin his thoughts on the NDAA and legalizing marijuana. Baldwin is then asked by Julio Rausseo of WeAreChange in a follow up interview about the Military Industrial Complex, Ending the Wars, & Military support for Ron Paul.

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Julio Rausseo’s YouTube Channel:

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  1. Jesus Baldwin…”i believe god is in control he allows what he allows and doesn’t allow what he doesn’t want to exist” THIS MAN IS DANGEROUS! And what on earth has Hitler to do with Irak Iran Syria????What is he talking about??Hitler was a guy who wanted to take over the world by force(we don’t even have to go into details of who was behind him)!Saddam didn’t pose a threat to Usa or world!In his simple mind there’s only black and white and he cannot see the shades of gray!Thats why this man is Dangerous!!!!

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