"The Truth Has No Expiration Date" Richard Gage and Luke Rudkowski

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Luke Rudkowski runs into AE Richard Gage during the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and asks him where do we go from here.

Music: Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey
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  • http://facebook-twitter darrylnorberg@shaw.ca

    9-11 was just a taste of what is to come.from what i see hear is they want to iiiluminate us as a race out of control. they see us as bottom feeders

  • http://www.animalfist.com IndiAdamJones

    Nice, I got a chance to speak with Richard Gage over the weekend, and I asked him about the psychology behind the event. I think it’s clear to anyone who has put in a decent effort for truth that this is mostly psychological warfare. Richard, agreed, and said that he was also assembling expert testimony from people in the mental health field. Those videos are not up currently at http://ae911truth.org however, he assured me they are working as fast as they can. We need to have courage, and we need to expose the “snake” of fear for what it is . . . a piece of rope.

    Not scary.

  • VIC20

    We are fighting a mind war against a tyrannical system that is using mass deception and has used the most extreme false flag terror ever, 9/11. A revolution in the streets is what this system wants, chaos is what this system wants, freedom is what we want. Our freedom is taken away rapidly, the only movement that can restore freedom as is was before 9/11 is the 911 truth movement. The system is now trying to rally the masses behind the next us president. The masses that is all they want, because they are after absolute power and a world empire.

  • Scott

    Why is the OGCT that flight 93 crashed/disappeared into a mine shaft? Because there should have been over 130 tons of plane debris that have time-change part numbers (a maintenance function) that match the tail number of the plane. Every plane crash is investigated to match the time-change part numbers to the tail number of the plane. 757s and 767s have thousands of time-change part numbers. Where are the 130 tons of plane debris at the Pentagon? Where are the 260 tons of plane debris at the twin towers?

    The OGCT would have you believe that a hollow aluminum 757 could totally penetrate a steel and concrete sky-scraper, so invincible one second yet be so fragile as to disintegrate the next second leaving no plane debris.

    Irrefutable laws of physics make it impossible for the alleged four airliners to have crashed on 9/11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW3Nrdv0oro

  • http://Urantia.org Les Jamieson

    Folks,Luke was trying to hog the camera,promised I could be in the clip and reneged on this sworn oath.

    I can be seen trying to get in on the interview but Luke ignored me,Gage gave me a subtle sign to “get back” and I moved away.

    In essence,Luke employed a “Larry Silverstein” on me and I was ordered “pulled”.

    Folks,I can be seen in the blue shirt and my newly purchased rucksack (no,I bought it with my own money,not First Responder funds)and I hope you’ll give the Urantia Book a gander.It led me directly to 9/11 truth and it can do the same for you!


  • Brainwaiver

    I mock you, I am government. LOL.

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