FDNY member on 9/11 Truth “I support you guys”

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WeAreChange’s Dave Cahill ran into a member of the FDNY and talked to him about 911 truth presence at ground zero this 10th anniversary of 9/11. There was countless of other firefighters down at ground zero who supported us. Many of whom did not want to public ally come out, so we have to thank this mans courage for speaking with us.

check out http://www.firefightersfor911truth.org to see more firefighters who support the 911 truth movement.

Music: Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey


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  1. My question is, why they did not blow up those buildings at night while is supoused to be empty, why blow them up while 3,000 people was inside them, and not one FBI agent was in the second flour. they flee 2 hours before.

  2. Im proud that a member of the FDNY supports u guys as do I. My only concern is that this gentlemen will somehow end up being “mysteriously” killed, like many other 9/11 witnesses and others who speak out against the truth.

  3. Because the luciferians who did this wanted to give human sacrifices, they wanted to spill innocent blood. Instead of asking who was in those buildings, ask who wasn’t in those buildings.

  4. If it was a controlled demolition, then the flashes from explosions and incendiary devices would have a greater degree of visibility at night, potentially giving the game away. It would also not invoke the same degree of outrage as broad daylight murder of a couple of thousand people, that would then be used to justify the unjustifiable.

  5. I love the concept of your work here!!! I would like to ask if anyone believes at this point that the US attacked 2 major Japanese cities, 2 days in a row, killing around 200,000 people and maiming countless others? If that “historical account” is in fact true, then we can hardly call 9/11 the worst terrorist act in history. Just saying!!!

  6. @gypsybayou…..we haven’t had the worst in history yet.won’t be long though.The Elites are yet to unleash their master plan.

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