Michael Moore End Capitalism Not The Fed

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  • http://www.911Blogger.com Orangutan.

    We all need to go over to Michael Moore’s site and educate him on what steps are needed to be taken. His website allows pro-truth comments for those who haven’t tried this yet.


    Time to make some allies.

  • Brian Harvey
  • Tom

    We will never have a separation of business and government in a capitalist system. Corruption under a capitalist system is absolutely inevitable. The most logical way to mankind to proceed would be to do away with any sort of monetary system and start using the technology we have to support people instead of just using it for profit. We are at a crossroads in human history where we finally have to ability to provide people with everything they need through technology we have available to us already. We can not truly move forward under a capitalist system, all we could hope to do is make it not so bad for a while… I recommend visiting http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com and checking out the latest two videos on how exactly we could proceed without the use of a monetary system. To me it is the only sensible option.

  • Truth

    OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE… It really AMAZES me how most of the people DO NOT REALIZE THAT A SINGLE MAN OR GOVERMENT CAN’T MAKE A CHANGE! 1: The New World Order rules ALL NATIONS for centuries – There will be war or unimaginable political tension towards the Nation(‘s) who would actually (is it possible?) achive to get a man/people in power who actually CARE about the people, but not the regular agenda of NWO! 2: Whoever comes into power, NOTHING, I REPEAT NOTHING will save the dollar, the default is UNAVOIDABLE, the euro WILL break up as well!! People started thinking TOO LATE! You, yes YOU if you are not poor/lower class played a MAJOR ROLE in what’s happening NOW! YOU GUYS SHOULD THINK OF A UNIVERSAL PLAN, EVEN BY SOME MIRACLE YOU WILL GET TO SAVE AMERICA, IT WILL BE TAKEN DOWN AT ONE POINT BY THE MAJORITY! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THINK BIG!!! WE NEED SOMETHING HUGE, AND VERY VERY >>VERY<< SOON, OR THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS SCREWD!!!!!!!!!! <BIG TIME!!! FREE YOUR MIND!!!

  • John Locke

    If this Republic goes socialist, I’m gone; and you have no idea how very dedicated I really am. I’m not laboring endlessly, shackled to my sowing bench to feed Micheal Moore, that’s a certainty. So it has worked for one or two tiny European nations. Otherwise, socialism invariably begins, lives off of or ends in the abuse or slaughter of countless innocent citizens. Anyone interested in supporting socialism should just visit their nearest hardware store; they usually offer a variety of ropes which could serve the same purpose. This is not the kind of “revolution” an American should get behind. What a shame that would be.

  • RoryFly

    I agree that ?michael moore is a hypocrite but there is a bigger issue, He is a coward and a liar of ?exceedingly great proportions, just like most leaders of political, economic or religious entities he doesnt have the balls to face up to or admit the real truth, you could say stupidity can be excusable in his case but I say even a animal knows to be honest with expression and anyone with an animal pet knows even they dont lie.
    In the county of United States of countries which was created upon a foundation that the rights of the human individual supersedes that of any other domestic or foreign entity, it has to be obvious to anyone with a ?partially functioning brain that artificial entities (i.e. corporations like the FED) having equal rights and more in some cases is a bigger problem for human rights and individual independence anywhere. The unethical and immoral behaviour of the federal reserve and its rights over the American people has to unconstitutional and its existence shits on the bill of rights.
    I am not really qualified to give opinions on constitutional or bill of rights issues I do however feel qualified to demand that michael moore publicly take his head out of his @r$e and retract that infantile statement (about the fed not being the problem but capitalism) because cowards and liars have got to go!.

  • John Locke

    By the way, I’m sure we could all agree that government control, even to the present unreasonable degree, has done damage a’plenty. I would agree on increased government control, providing _I_ get to “govern” Micheal Moore’s wardrobe; picture that big boy dressed as Strawberry Shortcake 7 days a week.

  • guest

    Moore is backing a new investigation…why aren’t you reporting that instead of going after his views on the fed.

  • Craig

    Short of a new technology or innovation on par with the impact on humanity such as the wheel, or fire had, we will soon enter into a new a desperate time for the masses. Our present situation is unsustainable, and its bad enough as it is, we don’t need it to get worse.

    Tweaking our methods of wealth distribution has to happen. A merger of capitalism and socialism seems like the most practical method of achieving this. By that I mean each corporation now imbue all workers within the organization with equal voting rights on all capital distribution decisions(human capital as well as assets and liabilities). Equitable dividends distributed based on an agreed sliding scale of each individual’s worth, (either production capacity, intellectual asset, attendance, a combination of all, etc) which would also be subject to a direct democratic process, would serve as a just means of wealth distribution. A system that provides incentive and purpose to the working class would be the end result.

    Universal unionization is not a viable solution due to executive and various other mid-level (district / regional business managers and organizers) representatives all too often succumbing to corruption. Power corrupts, and collusion with the powerful by those who seek power is inevitable and is the mechanism that stacks the bricks on the pyramid of power we have now.

    My suggestion would be to replace all corporate and associated boards (business, union, etc) with with a direct democracy: one employee = one vote. If this were to happen, it is conceivable that corporations would in a sense live up to their legal definition which categorizes them as living entities. It would be the collective of human capital making decisions, as opposed to our current standard of a chosen few (board members) serving as a network of plantation owners managing drones (mid-level management), slaves and livestock (workers both skilled and non).

    Just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

  • Craig

    I forgot to mention that the above could seemingly be achieved by a new constitutional amendment mandating all – corporations – (not private enterprises) to follow the above guidelines. Also necessary would be ending the federal reserve banking system.

    The vote is with the dollar, not a piece of paper; and while they (the corporate and banking elite) control the dollar, they control the vote.

  • Fidel Castro

    Let’s us reconsider the implications of what is at hand. We know that capitalism is an economic ideology in the relation to other economic ideologies, such as socialism and communism. Now, in my opinion, communism never existed in practice because that would mean that there had an utopian society. Now, there are different types of government. We have: totalitarian/monarchy, aristocracy/oligarchy, and democracy/republic.
    Ending capitalism doesn’t necessarily mean end of liberty (meaning freedom to pursue own interest). Think what capitalism has done in developing nations and how exploitation has occurred throughout the centuries. People pursuing own interest as a mean of survival only to infringe on others’ right. Even at the core of capitalism, the idea of trade is selfish and greedy. You’d trade with another person only if the offer benefits you and that it has incentive for you to do so. What we need is a re-evaluation of capitalism and standards of what is right and wrong. Though Plato might be a communist, he had the idea that political leaders should be philosopher kings because they are the most rational and would make just laws.

  • Joe

    Micheal Moore at least ‘attempts’ to ‘care’ for the average guy, the REAL system and Peter Shiffff don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves and are very open about it. I like this ‘Luke’ guy less and less…calling Mr. Peter ‘brother…right on brother’…makes me wanna vomit

  • Investigate NWO/globalists

    Sound Money for America! Audit the Fed – Repeal the Federal Reserve Act!


  • Craig

    I guess where I am coming from is the perspective that government is a joke. “Government is the shadow cast by business over society” – John Dewey. If business is equated roughly to commerce, society to all humanity, and government to our appointed law makers/judges/executives (governors / president). Government is just a middle man there to, among other actions, mainly to write, propose, enact, veto, or judge a law’s validity or constitutionality. The flaw in the system is that more often than not (to the exclusion of a literal few) our appointed officials are paid for by industry, commerce, market players and other special interest. Since most government officials seek gainful employment (relection or a better job after their term) they do the bidding of those who employed them. Some say this ultimately benefits the productive and employed citizen by way of business contracts and the jobs they create, hammered out partly by our representatives. However, the common worker is paid an hourly wage for his or her labor. The managerial class is paid a salary or commission, or some other form of pay that is typically more preferable to that of the wage worker (more incentive). Meanwhile, those who labor the least, are paid the most. These same people deviously choose by way of monetary support who we are to think is representing us. This is all sold to, and bought by, the general public.

    I have more faith in the intellectual worth and production value of a group of laborers and managers (eventually just laborers) who collectively, and equally, act as proxy for a would-be corporate board. This same group would be empowered monetarily to elect officials if pay were to be delegated by the collective as well; NOT a business, union, or other representative.

  • JediPatriot

    1) You’re still going, Luke. We’re all proud of the fact that you never give up.
    2) It’s nice to see so many comments here, now. It looks like the truth is getting out and the people are coming to see what it’s all about.

  • http://emergeandsee.blogspot.com Suzen

    The Fed is a corporate middle-man between the U.S. Treasury and the people, raking in a percentage off every dollar/debt note printed and charging US for the privilege of using their worthless reserve notes through taxes, they are worthless scum and completely unnecessary to a sound money system. No more money in politics, no FED or IRS (their goon squad), no more fiat currencies, only real money backed by real things. It’s our game we can create a new system that benefits all, not just a few. But the FED/IRS has got to go!

  • http://jagadees.wordpress.com/ Jagadees

    Maybe. But why these crisis are repeating? Do we need to trust them again?
    If things are working fine, its their good work. And when problems appears they blame somebody else. finger point a weak link or government.

    capitalism never solves its problem. all it do to move it one place to another.

    RSA Animate – Crises of Capitalism

  • http://www.youtube.com/kenjams KenJams

    Michael Moore has always bothered me. He doesn’t ever go far enough and his idea of blaming capitalism is VERY short sighted. What we have been having is NOT capitalism, but Cronysism, or capitalism for the elite. This is fostered by the Federal Reserve.

    You can’t expect it to work when there is NO rule of law and regulations are not in place to keep things fair and balanced. When these Wall Street and Fed crooks get away with this GRAND ROBBERY and nothing happens, don’t blame capitalism, ARREST THEM.


    ps: Luke you’re the best. Love ya brother.

  • anonYmus

    “America better watch it or in a couple
    of decades we’re going to be a minstrel show
    for RED China.”
    -Gore Vidal
    (the heyday of the Globalist-RED China
    sellout and TREASON OP)

    –How can Moore even be pretending to deal with
    the ongoing takedown of the US and western economy and culture
    without going deeply into the subject of Globalism, USURY and TREASON?

    Afraid Moore REALLY DOES have David Rockefeller eyes!

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